Why Independent?

Why would anyone choose to ride with Independent Radio Taxi over the other guys? First of all who are these other guys? Independent is the spirit of the Youngstown Area, transporting its people for 60 years; much longer then any other cab company in the area today. These other cab companies can not say that. Our black cars and white light are a fixture of the community.

Our Taxi service runs day and night rain or shine all year round even on holidays. We are here long after the bus lines shut down for the night. Independent will get you safely from the bar at night, to work in the morning and back.

During peek hours, it can be hard to get a cab quickly but where other companies leave you looking at the clock and waiting, we keep enough drivers on the road to get you where you need to go and on time. That’s another great benefit of years of experience.

We care about our customers. We know our regular riders by name and treat them with respect as human beings and not just numbers on the meter. Many of our customers are sick, elderly or in other ways impaired and we do not leave them on the curb in front of the house. We make sure you make it in safely and may even give you a helping hand carrying your groceries to the front door.

We will go wherever you want to go. Be it across town, county or even state line. Independent drivers have been known to transport fares as far away as New York City and as long as the customer can pay, we are willing to go anywhere you need to go within the continental United States.

No other company can boast such faithfulness to the community with our long running reputation. That’s why to ride Independent.

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